How I always travel on a small budget

My friends are always asking me this question - how do I travel so often and am not broke.. Well, I am actually broke, all the time, constantly - no break from being broke, especially after paying for my flights and hotel and the rest of the bills & most importantly, rent!  But the point is, I do manage to always go somewhere, and this is what matters most to me. If it's here in UK or around Europe, the fact that I'm on the road makes me dizzy with happiness!

My own tried and successfully achieved tips & tricks:

  • Plan in advance!  - my first golden rule, always book flights around 2 months in advance! This is how you get the best prices for the best flights. 
  • Shop around! - I use Skyscanner for flights,  Trivago for accommodation and Tripadvisor for reviews. I read a LOT before deciding on something, anything. 
  • Search, take a break, refresh! - I check prices for a single flight multiple times over the course of a week at least, to see how they change and learn about their way of  playing around with the prices. They also might change the prices if you buy one way only instead of return. Play around and see for yourself at the "magic" they're doing, you'll learn with time. 
  • I don't choose a destination and then look up flights. I choose the destination based on the cheapest flights. I know it's not what most of us would want, but it does do the trick for me. 
  • Always check last minute deals as well. If you are flexible with dates, then it is well worth it! I love British Airways and their £99 deals (flight + hotel + 23kg luggage for a 2-3 night getaway in Europe.. some with breakfast included - heaven!) + I love BA for the great on board service they provide, it's a real treat to fly with them! (yes, drinks and meal included on any flight)
  • Eating out can be a bit expensive, but you can search ahead and make a list of cheap places to eat by using Tripadvisor, Foursquare etc. or, just buy some bread, salami, cheese, fruits etc from a supermarket, way cheaper, and honestly nothing to be ashamed of. 
  • I very rarely buy the check in baggage - only if prices are acceptable or extra luggage is extremely needed. 90% of the time I fly with my cabin luggage and that it enough. 
  • RESEARCH, read and read some more. Always keep an eye out for any type of info and everything will seem so forthcoming! I truly believe this is the key point in achieving anything in this life, so just take the time and do it! Get inspired! 
  • The last and not the least, how I have money to travel even if on a budget? I DON'T SPEND MY MONEY GOING OUT, SHOPPING etc! Don't get me wrong, I do go out, I shop etc but I limit myself, and it works. Some might disagree, but here is where you know what is most important to you. And to me, travelling is above doing pub crawls.

I really do hope my tips will help you decide on the next budget friendly trip! 

If you have any questions, comment below and I promise you'll hear back! :)